Thursday, 14 October 2010 Lincoln.

Lincoln's dick is outstanding - it's large when soft and massive when hard so that makes him a "shower and a grower"! Perfectly formed, it hangs down low when soft and stands tall when throbbing and hard - and I bet it tastes absolutely delicious too. This fella sure knows he's got a special gift but he just takes it in his stride, too cool to show himself off and too confident to shy away. He really, really knows how to push a guy's buttons without muttering a single word :-)

So, with the uber cool Lincoln casually perched on the edge of the sofa we have a short chat about life before he peels away his shirt revealing his lovely hairy chest. Next he pulls off his jeans to show off his full package, then drops his boxers and a very heavy cock falls freely which Lincoln sets about playing with! This guy has one very hot wank, slowly at first working himself up, but when he gets going he ramps things into overdrive and come the end we have one very hot, sweaty and spunk-covered Lincoln ;-)

You know, there are some guys that just seem to ooze sex and sex appeal and Lincoln is a shining example!  Sure, he's a very fit man who has hair in all the right places, a trim and toned body and the dirtiest nature I have come across in a while, but I think it's something to do with his rather large uncut cock that has captivated me ;-) Yes, OK, it's yet another big knob on BLAKEMASON but then that's what I love about men the most

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