Wednesday, 6 April 2011

April 6th

Come on guys,please leave comments.
Tell me what you think of this site.
What do you want too see ? 


  1. GREAT site, with natural men.
    I visit your site everyday.
    Keep it on (up)Jan Vos

  2. Super blog, je le visite chaque jour. les mecs sont nature avec ou sans poils mais nature pas des stéréotype homos.
    Merci de nous régaler les yeux a chaque mise a jour.
    Philippe de Bordeaux.

  3. I guess it would be nice to add a short description of the files that you put on your blog. For the pictures, it's always great to add a legend on few ones, if you have the time to do it, of course ! :-)

    For the content of the blog, i guess that the hairy stuff is original. Would be great to see more vid from amateur guys ! :-)

    Your blog is very hot and well presented.

    David HAY